Are you unhappy?
Do you feel stuck?
Always running out of time
and falling behind on your goals?

Hi! My name is Eugene Baldovino and welcome to Master Your Matrix!

I developed the FLOFIX™ Planner — a goal achievement game that makes pursuing your personal dreams fun!

Are you ready to upgrade to a new kind of day planner based on scientific research and game theory, combined with mental hacks and real-life cheat codes?


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Attention planner addicts, self-helpery junkies,
and productivity ninjas!

Have you tried everything and are still feeling unhappy with your life, overwhelmed with responsibilities, and stuck falling behind on your personal goals?

Well, I used to live off credit cards to pay for groceries. And there was nothing more shameful than going on a date and stressing out, wondering if my credit card would get declined, after a romantic dinner because I was maxed out.

I was also self-conscious of my alien-like body because I was "skinny fat" — I literally had twig like arms and a squishy beer belly.

Early in my career I was passed up for promotion for several years in a row because I focused my time and energy on the wrong things.

Although, I did have a cool job writing video game reviews (which sparked my interest in game theory), I was always broke as a joke because I was trapped in the same entry-level job position for years. I had the technical skills, but no mental game.

And now, I've become a highly skilled creative professional in Hollywood and have the bragging rights of working on a top rated television show, while still being able to pursue my other passions after work and balance my personal life with my partner Kym with a unique planning method to protect the quality of my free time.

Eventually, I hacked my body to express a physique that I never thought was possible.

And its simple, but powerful approach to organization put me on track to stop avoiding my financial debts and face them like a boss.

And now that I've climbed out of that pit of despair, balanced my budget, and generated ample income to finally start saving for retirement with the ability to invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies, I feel a heckuva lot more secure about my future.

Instead of simply living within my means, I've strategically maximized my means.

Now, I possess the time and resources to bounce around to whatever music festival my friends and I want to explore and travel the world with my wonderful partner Kym to a foreign country every year to expand our view of reality and experience all the riches various cultures have to offer.

My unique method for mastering time and developing positive habits is called the...

FLOFIX Planner and it revolves around a secret system of time management that was created by a U.S President who was born over 100 years ago.

So, exactly how did my life turn around?

Everything changed dramatically in 2014 after dating a successful woman, who ran a modelling agency, gave me an extra day planner for the new year.

She used it to run her thriving business. This thing was a compact book of paper bound together with a metal spiral ring that warped me back in time to the 80's when I flipped through it with a bit of nostalgia, confusion, and inspiration.

For over a decade, I had experimented with productivity software that always ended up becoming too much of a chore to use, various to-do list phone apps that consistently got backlogged with notifications for unfinished tasks, Kanban-style cork boards that evolved into an unwieldly collage of rainbow infested post-it notes, Hipster PDA index cards that actually worked, but became too disorganized and scattered in odd places — in between random notebooks and couch cushions, and I dabbled with many other productivity systems to no avail...

I was intrigued at how an entrepreneur could run a profitable and fulfilling business with a back-to-the-basics paper day planner in the digital, instant dopamine, age.

So, with a blank notebook and desperate motivation to improve my psychology, spirituality, finances, social life, and physical health, I began a quest that took nearly 5 years to create my interpretation of Dr. Strange's Book of Cagliostro, Severus Snape's Advanced Potion-Making and Adventure Time's Enchiridion.

I created a book that allowed me to alter reality.

Who is the one person that many look up to in this country to improve their lives, their freedoms, and their ability to pursue happiness?

The U.S. President.

The FLOFIX Planner's time management method is based on a system devised by an American President who was also the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during World War II.

Dwight D. Eisenhower.

I knew my special notebook needed to incorporate the Eisenhower Decision Matrix, which effectively organizes your thoughts and emotions into useful categories that are classified by degrees of importance and urgency.

Most people instinctively choose to prioritize chores that appear both “Urgent and Important” such as making sure you have food in the fridge.

It’s pretty obvious that if an activity is both “NOT Urgent and NOT Important,” such as surfing the web to buy a new TV, when you don’t even have plans to buy a new TV — that’s probably a waste of time (seriously).

And many put off goals that are “Important and NOT Urgent,” such as getting off the couch and into an exercise routine.

This may come as a surprise, but when one lives a life focused on responsibilities that are both “Urgent and Important,” they live a life of constant crisis and stress!

The first step is to focus on actions that are “Important and NOT Urgent,” such as committing to that online writing course, scheduling time for an exercise routine, finally launching your side hustle business — those are activities that lead to a fulfilling life!

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FREE Protip Workshop on Goals, FLOFX Game Board Layouts, eBook With Advanced Tips

But aren't goals hard to achieve?

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix was effective at helping me focus on my goals, but I had to employ additional life hacks to make pursuing goals effortless and fun!

Also, special game rules based on scientific research made the FLOFIX Planner, not just powerful... but gave me a superpower.

I took everything I learned from obscure techniques hidden in stacks of books that totaled well over 100 hours of reading time and 200+ pages of handwritten GTD style notes to develop a practical and powerful system to use.

After much research and experimentation I found a way to combine productivity with game theory like Connor McGregor doing Capoeira.

The FLOFIX Planner and its life hacks developed my ability to hyperfocus my willpower on the things that mattered — activities that I was spiritually connected to and transported me into the state of flow.

According to legendary psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced: Me-high Cheek-sent-me-high), author of Flow, "attention" is a psychic energy that allows us to control our consciousness.  And the "state of flow" is an optimal experience where happiness occurs and you lose your awareness of time, space, and even basic bodily needs.

The FLOFIX Planner was designed to unlock your flow state... your superpower.

A compact 30+ page eBook (the length of a comic book) as well as printable FLOFIX game board layouts are available for you to download right now!

Your privacy is important. Your information will never be shared.

FREE Protip Workshop on Goals, FLOFX Game Board Layouts, eBook With Advanced Tips

Game Theory...

Yes, there are special game rules in the FLOFIX Planner that sets it apart from all the planners that exist in the Universe today.

I originally intended on keeping the FLOFIX system a family secret and only share it with a few select friends who are still struggling to make it in Hollywood, while I managed to make my dreams into reality using my secret book.

But my spiritual beliefs influenced my thoughts and I became compelled to share it with the Universe because my system had the potential to improve so much more than the lives of my inner social circle.

Game theory experiments prove that if you upgrade the experiences of others by giving them the tools to solve problems, that prosocial action alters their motivations to positively help others as well. So my life, in turn, will amplify in harmony and a sense fulfillment.

Cooperation is a dominant game theory strategy that maximizes positive outcomes for an entire society.

Therefore, I'm gifting several years worth of hard work, time consuming research, laborious development, and substantial personal financial investments on my system, to make the world around me a more fun place to play and evolve in.

The FLOFIX Planner is my life's work. It is my legacy.

I know most of you may feel like this is a joke.

It's not.

I'll tell you what is a joke — the sinister belief that you are foolish to follow your dreams and the probability of achieving your goals is stacked against you. So, why even bother?

That my friend, is bullcrap. Please don't fall for terrible ideas from weak-minded influencers on social media who are crushing your dreams because they "did the math" and can't achieve life goals. (They did the math... but they didn't do the work!)

Remember when you were a little kid and were asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? (I wanted to be pilot, a baseball player, and Batman.) And did you notice how every dream seemed absolutely possible? But now as an adult, your goals are much more difficult?

What did you spend most of your childhood doing?

Playing games!

We all played games in the schoolyard, board games at the dinner table, and video games with our friends.

According to research, playing games trains our minds to succeed as it stimulates motivation, amplifies attention, and engages us in the state of flow. Games teach us that failure is inevitable... but REVERSIBLE.

No wonder the world was in our hands as kids! We played games the majority of the time and in doing so that strengthened our cognitive functions.

This is where the FLOFIX Planner comes in with its special game rules and powerful life hacks.

Many grown-ups mindlessly rely on tedious apps or basic paper organizers and calendars to schedule in their goals and projects. The FLOFIX Planner is the world's first productivity system to my knowledge (and is patent pending by the United States government) to gamify time management and has tools to reverse your goal planning mistakes.

Imagine re-capturing that childhood feeling that your goals are within your reach.

Today, you can take control of your life with a planner that uses gamification to keep you focused, motivated, and happy... and it only takes 5 to 15 minutes per day! 

My friends, family, and soul mates... life is a challenging, but wonderful game and with a few battle-tested FLOFIX strategies, you can tip the odds in your favor and produce results

Your privacy is important. Your information will never be shared.

FREE Protip Workshop on Goals, FLOFX Game Board Layouts, eBook With Advanced Tips

If you've tried everything and have doubts, try this life hack that I describe in my free eBook:


If it takes you less than 2 minutes to accomplish something, whether it’s making that phone call to set up a date, facing the blank page and writing the first sentence of your novel, or putting on your gear to get ready for a bike ride, just do it now!

All you have to do is spend the entire day just focused on the 2-Minute Mind Hack.

Anytime you start to feel lazy or overwhelmed, think of one thing you can do that only takes less than 2 minutes to get done and do it!

I've been doing this mental trick for years, and it has empowered me to be super productive.

This powerful technique was created by David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done. By taking immediate action, rather than re-thinking something over and over, you reduce mental fatigue ― psychological exhaustion that weakens your willpower to take action.

Just bookmark this page so you can come back and tell me how the 2-Minute Mind Hack was a reality shift.

If you found yourself more productive than ever. Imagine what you could achieve with a complete arsenal of FLOFIX mental hacks and real-life cheat codes in a structured system mixed with some fun game theory.

For the more proactive goal achievers, getting started on the full FLOFIX Planner system is easy. Click on the green link below to download my free eBook that explains the FLOFIX Planner's special game rules!

It also includes printable PDF worksheets of the FLOFIX game board layouts for free!

If you haven't done so yet you may want to take a look at the short (9 min) video tutorial of how my system works.

I'm here to serve you.

Your sidekick in the sandbox,

Eugene Baldovino

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FREE Protip Workshop on Goals, FLOFX Game Board Layouts, eBook With Advanced Tips

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