Eugene Baldovino

Creator of the FLOFIX Planner

Eugene Baldovino is a highly skilled creative professional in Hollywood that has the bragging rights of working on a top rated television show, while still being able to pursue his other passions after work with a unique planning method to protect the quality of his free time.

After close to 5 years of trial and error with personal experiments on productivity theories, taking advice from mentors in Hollywood, and with endless encouragement and direction from his partner Kym, Eugene condensed all the wisdom he gained on Earth and near death experiences into creating the FLOFIX Planner.

A compact 30+ page eBook (the length of a comic book) as well as printable FLOFIX game board layouts are available for you to download right now!

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Eugene grew up in San Francisco, matured in New York, and sold his soul to Los Angeles, but his spirituality was reborn at Burning Man —  a transformational festival that opened the "doors of perception" where the Universe destroyed his ego and catapulted his spirit on a mission to gift something to the default world that would help humans achieve consistent happiness, self-actualization, and great stories to tell!

Ardie Aquino

Character Illustrator

Ardie Aquino is a multimedia artist who creates pieces using different mediums. His style revolves around animated, cartoonish finishes. He has established a career as a graphic artist specializing in illustrations, comics, and animation. Presently, his works circles through different industries such as media, finance, and manufacturing.

FB: Ardie Aquino 
Web: https://ardieaquino.com/
IG: ardie.aquinochikidoodledoo

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